Ammonium Perchlorate from Sodium Perchlorate and Ammonium Hydroxide or Ammonia gas

The following assumes that ALL traces of Chlorate have been destroyed before conversion of the Sodium Perchlorate into Ammonium Perchlorate. If there are traces of Sodium Chlorate present, Ammonium Chlorate will form, and this will give a dangerous unstable product. See Destroying Chlorate by chemical means for to eliminate all Chlorate.

Molecular weights

I asked a guy the following:

Can you make Ammonium Perchlorate by bubbling ammonia gas into Sodium Perchlorate solution?

NH3  +  NaClO4  +  H2O   <===>   NH4ClO4 (ppt out)  +  Na0H

I have never seen it mentioned in the literature anywhere.

Will adding Ammonium Hydroxide (same as above really) work either?

The problem is that the Ammonia is a gas and is therefore free to escape
while the NaOH has nowhere to go and will tend to favour the reverse
reaction (especially at higher temperature):

NH4ClO4 + NaOH -> NaClO4 + H2O + NH3

You could try to take advantage of the much lower solubility of NH4ClO4 in
water, If you start with a concentrated solution of NaClO4 at 0 degrees or
even a bit lower, bubbling in Ammonia gas (under pressure if possible)
might cause NH4ClO4 to precipitate/crystallise since it is much less
soluble than NaClO4. The low temperature and pressure will both help to
reduce the loss of Ammonia gas, thus favouring the forward (desired) reaction.
The NH4ClO4 would then have to be washed free of NaOH with aqua Ammonia to
prevent the residual NaOH from displacing Ammonium ions in the Ammonium 
Perchlorate and contaminating the product.